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African Americana, Africa

September 2008

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African Americana, Africa

KKK Vandalism

So I go out with one of my friends from work the other night out to a club on the Virginia Beach strip. So it is around two in the a.m. on the 22nd you know right after the Rally in Jena and when I go to open her passenger door KKK is written in black finger nail polish on her white car. Not sure if this matters or if this was just random but it happened my friend and her room mate are both white and I was the only black girl. I was mad that some one felt like it was okay to destroy her property not even at what is says because it doesn't really shock me you know I kind of expect ignorance worse things have happened lately. She on the other hand was kind of hurt and was like wow now I am going to be riding down the road and people are going to think I am a racist. It is crazy any one who knows about the area knows it is a very diverse area with a lot of military families so it is not like this is some backwoods town it just goes to show that racisim and ignorance is every where I guess.  


WOW! No, I wouldn't expect that from Va Beach...Petersburg maybe..All I can say is WOW.
my thoughts exactly you know there is so much diversity with all the military here but, I guess if you are just a racist then I guess you are just sitting around pissed waiting to do something outrageous.

One of my VA experiences

When I went to VA State, I went to this tattoo place in hopewell and when I walked in the first thing I saw was the confederate flag hanging on the wall. The guys that were hanging out there were CLEARLY those arian nation looking dudes..I mean one guy had this huge tatoo of a swastica(sp) on his arm...It was the craziest thing I've ever seen! I mean I stayed there for a few minutes actually talking to the artist/owner because I was just that curious, and suprisingly he was very polite and respectful, He explained that they are not a hate group, and that they just really think special priveleges were given blacks, he said he just stood for equality and blah, blah, blah! And I'm like dude,your friends have tatoos of swastica's, do you know what that represents???? Do you realize what that confederate flag stands for??? I couldn't get too bold in there but I did ask... Obviousely I ended our conversation with "i've never seen anything like this before and appreciated his time, but there was no way I was going to let him stick a needle in me"..He completely understood, shook my hand and I left.

Re: One of my VA experiences

was it called fat cats? cause i went in there one time and dude looked at me like i was not suppose to be in there i was out of there