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African Americana, Africa

September 2008

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African Americana, Africa

Prejudice or Preference?

So I met this Dominican guy at the club last night at the club. He was cool me and my home girls went to his place and hung out with his room mates and we fooled around a little I won't get into to details you know that's not what this is about any how. Old boy was quite sexy, and his name was Caesar which tripped me out I had to ask to see his id to confirm it, but, anyways while I find him attractive and I could see my self fucking him from time to time I could never see it being more than that. Just off the strength of he is not black. When I think of being in a relationship,  bringing some one home to met my family, getting married, and raising a family with I always picture a black man, I mean really dark skin but, I could go for different shade as long as he is African American. I have dated men of different races but, I just don't see another race fitting into the puzzle in the long run. Is that being prejudice or just a matter of preference.


The Dominicans and Cape Verdeans around here are cuties (well, 80%)

I also have that preferance. I really can't see myself with someone from another race, not because I rule them out but because I'm just not attracted to them. But you seem to be attracted to this guy so why not give it a chance, see what another culture can bring into your life.

Just go with the flow - you never know!

but he is so light lol...he kind of met me at the club last night though
HEY - nothing wrong with us light skinned black folk...lol
lol..you are exactly right I think all my people are beautiful. And you are really pretty but, i didn't think you were black oops! lol
lol..it's all good! and thanks for the compliment